impaling minecraft

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Impaling minecraft is an enchantment. It is used in trident to hitting the extra damage for killing the sea creatures. If you can adding the impelling enchantment to the trident you will be required an anvil or enchanting table. you can enchant the trident max level 5. The higher level is provided more powerful enchantment.

impaling minecraft
impaling minecraft

Usage of impaling Minecraft

Each degree of impelling has an additional loss of 2.5 (♥ × 1 1⁄4) per hit. In the Java version, only aqueous mobs receive additional damage. Aquatic mobs include dolphins, guardians, elder guardians, squid, turtles, and all types of fish, axolotls, glow squads, but do not drown, as submerged people are classified as undead mobs rather than underwater mobs. Java Edition Combat Test 4 and Bedrock Edition and after version the damage is applied on all mobs and players when these are in contact with water, underwater, and rain.

The ID of impaling Minecraft

java edition:

  • Name: Impaling
  • Namespaced ID: impaling
  • Translation key: enchantment.Minecraft. impaling

Bedrock Edition:

  • Name: Impaling
  • Namespaced ID: impaling
  • Numeric ID: 29
  • Translation key: enchantment.tridentImpaling

Item required for Impaling enchantment

  • tridents
  • enchantment book 

Enchant Commands for Impaling 

  • Impaling I: /enchant @p impaling 1
  • Impaling II: /enchant @p impaling 2
  • Impaling III: /enchant @p impaling 3
  • Impaling IV: /enchant @p impaling 4
  • Impaling V: /enchant @p impaling 5

how to use Enchanted Trident

if you enchant your trident. please trident holding in your hand. if you don’t not holding the trident. you can don’t kill any mobs and sea creatures. so first you will hold the trident in your hand and attack mobs and sea creatures. if you are adding loyalty enchantment to your trident always returned in your hand

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