Parkland online classes

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Parkland online classes are provided by the Virtual Campus of Parkland College, from which students can do their studies online. Let’s see what we need to know about starting parkland online classes.

parkland online classes
parkland online classes

Get started parkland online classes

Know these things by starting online classes :-

  • Require your ParklandOne new password Click here to create a password. If you are away for more than two years, then definitely create a password.
  • Click here to know more about Cobra Connection. Explore all of your courses related and learning support resources in this Cobra Learning classroom like peer tutoring, writing lab, presentation center, success coaching and library assistance
  • These equipment will be required to set up parkland online classes, let’s see what is this equipment
    • You will need a laptop or computer with 8gb+ ram, 128+ GB storage space, Microsoft Office 2019 and an updated internet browser.
    • You will need WiFi with a high connection speed.
    • You will need a webcam, microphone and speakers. You can also use a bluetooth or usb headset.
    • You will need a charged cell phone so that you can do 2 step verification.
    • Click here to know more about Equipment
  • If you do not have a computer, don’t worry you will get help for free.
    • Click here to get Laptop for the entire semester.
    • You can use Parkland WiFi throughout the campus.
    • Click here to get your Office 365 license.
    • Click here to update your browser.

Online tools for online classes

Online available public resources

Online ParklandOne Login Required Resources

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Virtual assistant for online classes

When You Take Online Classes You Will Get These Things:

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