piercing minecraft

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Piercing minecraft is a enchantment that is mounted above the crossbow. Through this, arrows pierce an item.

Usage of piercing minecraft

Arrows shot from piercing crossbows can cancel by the number of resources equal to the enchanting level (total level + 1 unit value). Control can be terminated after the bullet arrows still pierce a mob, allowing infinite use of all arrow types, including spectral arrows and tipped arrows. When they are blocked, piercings ignore the shields. However, the arrows will not target the mob, meaning that they will only pass through one line of the mob. Piercing does not affect rockets fired from a crossbow.

piercing minecraft
piercing minecraft

Incompatibilities of Piercing

Piercing and Multishot are different from each other. However, if combined using the command, both enchantments work as usual.

The ID of piercing minecraft

Java Edition

  • Name – Piercing
  • Namespaced ID – Piercing
  • Translation key – enchantment.minecraft.piercing

Bedrock Edition

  • Name – Piercing
  • Namespaced ID – Piercing
  • Numeric ID – 34
  • Translation key – enchantment.crossbowPiercing

Items to Enchant with Piercing minecraft

  • Crossbows
  • Enchanting Table
  • Anvil
  • /enchant command

Enchant Command for Piercing

Piercing I: /enchant @p piercing 1
Piercing II: /enchant @p piercing 2
Piercing III: /enchant @p piercing 3
Piercing IV: /enchant @p piercing 4

how to Enchanted Crossbow

Now when you have a crossbow enchanted by piercing, you have to hold your hand to the crossbow enchanted by piercing and use it. When you attack someone from an enchanted crossbow, you will see that the arrow fired by you is passing through more than one item.

When you attack two creepers from a crossbow enchanted by piercing, it passes through the first creeper and after that passes through the second creeper, you will see that it damages both creepers. Congratulations you have learned about Piercing enchantment.

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