respiration Minecraft

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respiration Minecraft enchantment in Minecraft what does it do you say well what it does is it increases your breathing when you’re underwater so it increases your breathing by 15 seconds by each level of enchantment the maximum level of enchantment is 3 so with level 3 respiration you get 45 extra seconds of breathing underwater.

respiration Minecraft
respiration Minecraft

Usage of respiration Minecraft

You can apply Respiration enchantment on any helmet. For this, you will need an enchanting table, anvil. If you want to increase your breath below the water, then you have to wear a helmet. This will increase your breathing time. Level 3 Respiration is the highest level of enchantment. This means that you can enchantment the Respiration up to Level 3.

The ID of respiration Minecraft

java edition:

Name: Respiration
Namespaced ID: respiration
Translation key: enchantment.minecraft.respiration

Bedrock Edition:

Name: Respiration
Namespaced ID: respiration
Numeric ID: 6
Translation key: enchantment.oxygen

Item required for respiration

  • Enchanting Table
  • Anvil
  • enchant command
  • hamlet

Enchant Commands for respiration

Respiration I: /enchant @p respiration 1
Respiration II: /enchant @p respiration 2
Respiration III: /enchant @p respiration 3

how to use Enchanted respiration

If you enchant your helmet with Respiration then please wear it on your head. Unless you wear this on your head, you will not be able to breathe for long underwater. From Respiration, you should pick up the enchanted helmet from your inventory and put it in the helmet box of your character. You will see that the appearance of your character has changed. Now that you have worn a helmet on your head, you will be able to breathe longer under water. Now you know about Respiration very well

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